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Testimonials & Reviews:
Psychic & Angel Readings, Energy Healing,
Spiritual Teaching/Coaching /Workshops,
Meditation Classes & Past Life Regressions
From Clients In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and Around The World

Testimonials & Reviews:
Psychic & Angel Readings, Energy Healing,
Spiritual Teaching/Coaching/Workshops,
Meditation Classes & Past Life Regressions
From Clients In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and Around The World

Please feel free to view client and student testimonials about Rose's work.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hi my name is Brittany Freeland I am 19 years old. I first met Rose in January 2017 because I was lost and sad that my long-term boyfriend just broke up with me at Christmas time. I had my heart set on getting him at no cost. I would do anything it took to get him back. So I went online and look up love spells and castors.  Rose said, “No! I don’t do spells but I can assist in healing and understanding the situation.  This may bring him back but I can’t promise that for sure.”

  Rose gave me something 100% better. She helped me to heal what was broken inside me for many years.  Rose is the real deal I didn’t tell her anything of my past and in fact she could tell that I was in foster care and that I had some unresolved feelings about my biological parents. Rose asked for the Archangel Michael and my Guardian angels to help me through this hard time and help me to heal myself. Once we finished with the reading and healing I could tell and see that the angels were working on me. A few months later I kept on having these dreams/visions of me not being disabled (I have vision loss and I have mobility issues).  So I went back online to research some spiritual healers (I was so tired of being on many kinds of medications and having many procedures done).  I again came across Rose’s name, so I emailed her asking if she could heal me from my disabilities. She told me she could help but it’s going to take awhile and that I had to BELIEVE in myself. She also clearly told me of how she wanted me to start looking at things differently and how to start to speak to myself so that it would be easier for me to get the things I want in life. Truthfully at this point in my life I didn’t think I could be happy again. I have always been more spiritual then religious so I started watching videos on mindfulness (Rose suggested this and followed other tools that Rose had given me). I found it really helped and I could feel my spiritual connection OPEN UP!!! I have started to see my past on loved ones and those of friends of mine too!

When I speak to Rose she explains everything to me, she really seems to understand my situation and is slowly helping me find what my gifts are.  I know I am going on and on how wonderful and helpful Rose is.  Truthfully, she is so incredible! I so look forward to working with her more and more. Each time we connect I seem to learn even more about my gifts and myself!!! I recommend that you go to see Rose she is amazing! She’ll assist you and walk you through any difficult time you are having in your life.

Thanks so much!



March 14, 2017

“Words fall short of being able to fully express just how much Rose's gifts and her Guidance Sessions have made a difference to my life. Each session healed deep and previously repressed emotions in a gentle yet powerful way and, as a result, I have changed in more ways than I can mention now. Rose has a truly gifted  qualities which emanate through her sessions. -- I truly have felt a connection to the Divine through Rose's guidance”


March 15, 2017

At the beginning of this year I assisted my brother through a very trying ordeal. With the help of my guidance (which included my intuition, the angels and our passed on mother this is his response). I have to say I am really please that he finally GOT IT!!!! :-)

“I always believed that to get good things in life it was just a necessity to work hard for it. Rose taught me that needed things in life could come effortlessly. I tried her principles when I had a very large unexpected car repair come up. Like she taught I was open to all solutions and it was solved effortlessly and easily. I was amazed. Life doesn't have to be a hard journey.”

Robert Kulyk

April 22, 2015

When I arrived on Catharine Street I approached the room for my session with Rose and I could feel her LOVE from 6 feet away. Right then and there I knew I found the woman that would become very special to me. In that room I found my Spiritual Teacher.

Rose is a beautiful kind woman with a gentle spiritual approach.

Over a period of time a close professional bond has grown and she has led me down my spiritual path and awakening. I have learned hidden secrets about myself, some of which were there all along but with no one to light the way and others that have awakened that would have been unreachable to me on my own.

In four (4) months I was able to achieve knowledge and understanding that I am told takes people years to achieve.

Rose is a highly educated spiritual teacher!

I would highly recommend her to anyone just looking for a reading, wishing to do in depth healing work on themselves or people interested in taking some of the courses she offers.

In either way you choose the knowledge is precious and has greatly enhanced my life!

Love and Light

Andrea (View PDF version)

Here are some recent Video Reviews and Testimonials about Rose's Work


Psychic Reading Testimonial and Review March 2016



Psychic Reading and Energy Healing Testimonial and Review March 2014


Quantum Healing Hypnosis & Past Life Regression Testimonial From January 2015,
Posted May 1, 2015



JAN 18, 2015

In January 2015 I received this email from one of my clients and I wanted to share it with my readers!!!

Hi Rose,

I had a healing session with you in May, 2014, although the Past Life Regression OR Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session with you didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped, it opened my mind to many more possibilities then I ever imagined! I thought you might like to know that ever since our session I have NO MORE ARTHRITIS PAIN AT ALL!!!

I have had arthritis that was progressively worsening, taking pain medication almost daily and a little worried about my future. I have also noticed almost NO MORE BACK ISSUES; something that over my life I had many problems with. Now almost no problems and I LEARNED THAT with a lot of gardening over the summer. Something that used to ruin me! I have not done anything that would have helped me in these areas so it must be our session that has made the difference!

Thank You

Bonnie Young

(View PDF Version)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Testimonial and Review For Other Teaching January 2014

In a time of transition, I found Rose. Her healing energy is radiant and one that is ever-present. The positive messages she brings forth are of comfort, honesty, and truth. I recommend anyone at any stage of their life to seek her guidance should they chose to do so. Her spiritual counseling and intuition is of peace and for the highest of all good. God Bless and thank you for shedding light where I needed it the most. ~Peter Oct. 2014

Rose is amazing counsellor and guide. She has helped me develop my self in so many ways. When I first met Rose several years ago I was in turmoil, my marriage was ending and I was destroying myself with diet and stress. I didn’t believe that any one could help. My self esteem and confidence was at an all time low.  more

Testimonial and Review for Spiritual Guidance and Teaching
February 2014

Rose came into my life as an answer to a prayer. I was feeling really confused and overwhelmed. She brought comfort to a very challenging time in my life and encouraged me to consider looking at things from a different perspective. She gave me a lot of helpful information and guided me on to a path that now contains more hope than despair. Rose has a kind heart and is full of wisdom. I am grateful to have found her at the crucial time that I did.

Rose truly wants to make a difference in this world and in the lives of the people she treats.

Tracy, Hamilton, ON

Testimonial For Facial, AngelTherapy, Crystal Healing & Psychic Reading: July 2013

I discovered Rose a couple of years ago after looking for someone in the area who provided facials. After meeting with her I realized she had so much more to offer and was someone very special -we immediately clicked. I’ve been meeting with her ever since for Angel Therapy, meditations and anything else that she feels can benefit me. I’ve been looking for a meaningful relationship for the last 12 years, and with Rose’s help through her work with the Angels, we were able to manifest the relationship that I’ve been praying for. Rose helped me realize why things were happening the way they were and clearing a lot of bad energy to allow for love to come through. If you are at a time in your life where you feel stuck and can’t move forward, than I highly recommend a visit to Rose. And she gives an amazing facial too!

NG Hamilton, Ontario

Testimonial For Psychic Reading April 2013

When I googled a professional psychic medium to go see, I was guided to Rose's website, theperfectrose.ca and I knew right then I was looking at the person I was resonating with. Our meeting was very cordial and professional. I really appreciated Rose's way of communicating with me, which spoke on my ground and everything she mentioned to me was exactly what I needed to hear at this particular time in my life. Rose is the real deal..... I am very grateful for being guided to Rose, who was so giving and open. Rose also made sure I fully understood every point she was guided to give me, so my future actions would be done in the highest way possible. Rose, my sincerest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to you...... Namaste', Michael R.

It was a crisis that led me to Rose. While searching for a spiritual friend of mine I had lost contact with in the Hamilton psychic community, I came across Rose’s contact information. My contact with Rose brought to my attention my need for a new spiritual guide/mentor in my life. As a result of only one session with Rose, a completely new direction in my spiritual development unraveled that I would have NEVER imagined!! more

I had an appointment with Rose in June 2012, and the experience truly changed my life. I felt extremely comfortable with her and her talents, and the outcome was one that I never expected. I received an Angel Reading and Crystal Healing, both of which gave me spiritual guidance, advice, and a new way of living. My heart has been healed and now feels spiritual guidance constantly around me more.

Rose is an amazing teacher, she has assisted me so many times to come through stuff that seems to be part of life here on this planet. Her meditations take me to a place within myself to call in my own guides and angels that are always available to me. I am so grateful to have her in my life…   Thank you Rose from the bottom of my heart.  I love you.  Phyllis Nagle

Foreseeing a successful future for Psychic Expo...  Bradford Times Article

Hi Rose, Thank you again for listening to HS (Holy Spirit) the other evening and reaching out to me with your phone call. You were instrumental. A piece had been emerging over the previous few days about authority, and our discussion about licensing and your healing visualization helped to bring the submerged clearly to the surface for surrendering.   Peace Of I, Lisa

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your meditations which are becoming higher and more powerful with each one.  more

I wanted to put together a letter to express my deep appreciation for the many blessings you have provided to me over the years and hopefully to assist others in finding you. (My way of saving the world) I was inspired to come up with this testimonial;  more

Just wanted to send you an email to thank you for the talk, you have inspired me. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to talk to you. I hope that someday we will meet up again and I get angel readings, healing, etc. done through you. You have a wonderful personality and I would like to talk again someday. Hopefully the transition I am going through will be accomplished.   more

Thank you so very much for the reading. It was a real pleasure and honour to meet you. I received the recording fine. It was a Windows Media file (WMA). It will only play on Windows Media player. No problem.  more

My name is Mohammad. I had the great blessing, to have received spiritual guidance and counselling from Rose. I was trying to understand how and why I got to where I was standing. I was looking for a way to repair and mend some issues in my life. I was looking for permanent positive change. I am a Reiki Practitioner, and have an affinity for natural and spiritual healing.  more

Dearest Rose, I can't thank you enough for your Spiritual Coaching services which have healed me in so many ways. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for many years, and even medication had little effect on me. But now, thanks to your loving guidance, I'm no longer more

Thank you very much for the guidance and healing that you have brought into my life. I walked into your office expecting to have a few questions answered however I never expected to be completely enlightened. I now know that my future will be filled with calmness, clarity and happiness. more

Thank you for your kindness in providing me the psychic reading and the support last time. I have learned to ask for help from my guardian angel and I think my prayers are heard. more

Hi Rose,

My testimonial follows:  I have participated in a number of Rose's meditations and I feel blessed to have that opportunity. Her meditations have often started my day with peace, joy and love. What better way to begin a new day energized, filled with these wonderful gifts! Not only do those gifts fill my Being, they flow out from me so that others may benefit as well. more


Teresa Mcintyre- O'Marra Nov. 2012

*—Hi Rose... I just wanted to tell you that your guidance has lead me to my relationship with my guides and Angels. Your passion to help others is what I respect the most. ..
*—Your friendship is something I will cherish always.
*—Thank You for being my Earth Angel.
*—Love Teresa


Rose has helped me a lot in my spiritual growth as a person. I have taken The Healing With Angels Workshop which has helped to be more in tune with myself and how our angels help in everyday life if you want them too. I also talk to Rose when I am unsure of my intuition and guidance. Rose is always there to answer my questions and to guide me. more


I came to Rose on a friend's recommendation, hoping to move or understand some blocks I had reached in my spiritual development and attended her "Healing Angels of the Energy Field" workshop.more


Past Life Regression Testimonials:

Past Life Regression Testimonial Dec. 8, 2012

Dear Rose,

I just want to say thank you for the past life regression you did for me. It was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. It was amazing to find out I was once an Indian healer .Finding out about her helped me to understand why I am so ritualistic and why I was so sure I am to do something with energy. Then talking to my higher self was eye opening. Just knowing I am on the right track is amazing! more


"My session with Rose was an eye-opening experience.  She truly is a genuine, loving person who cares about people.  After my meeting with Rose, I feel more in tune with who I am and what my life's purpose is.  Thank you Rose for teaching me about how much the Angels love us and how to reach out to them for guidance.  Jackie"








Testimonials and Reviews For One of Canada's Best Professional Psychics and Mediums Consultants, Numerologists, Astrologers, Advisors Channel Rose Ann Kulyk owner of The Perfect Rose Located in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, is Here to Help, Heal, Educate and Empower Men and Women in Hamilton, Ancaster, Binbrook, Brantford, Burlington, Caledonia, Cambridge, Chatham, Dundas, Dunnville, Grimsby, Guelph, London, Kitchener, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, Mississauga, Oakville, Simcoe, Stoney Creek, Toronto, Waterdown, Winona, Windsor and all other areas of Southern Ontario Canada.


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