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In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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and Surrounding Area
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heartSpiritual Classes In Hamilton, Ontario and Surrounding Area
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Host A Spa Retreat Party

Spa Retreat Parties

A Retreat Spa Party is a gathering that you host with like minded friends or family in your home. This is perfect for people who need a break and can't get away for a whole weekend. I will provide you and your guests with a powerful group meditation tha will assist each of you in becoming relaxed and peaceful. After this, I will work with each of you individually and provide you with a 20 minute to 30 minute reiki healing session in which you will receive a mini reading from me while you are in a relaxed state (recording optional). I find that it is easier for a person to hear the angels when they are relaxed so you may receive the same information that I give you. This will assist you in gaining more confidence in your relationship with your own intuitive guidance. I would like to suggest that each guest bring a book, a pillow, an extra blanket and wear comfortable clothes.

What each person will receive! The benefit and POWER of a group meditation which will assist them in becoming relaxed and peaceful which will be taken even further in a private reiki session which will enhance the work that was done in the meditation. Also, during your private healing you will receive a mini reading from me!

You provide the setting, food, snacks and invite the guests (from 5 to 8 people) while I provide the pampering and insight... This is a relaxing and spiritually profound evening. I would encourage you to use alcohol sparingly or at least wait until after you receive your meditation / healing / reading.
Expect miracles!

The fee is $100 including tax, per guest. A separate private room is required for the healing / reading. A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to book the event.

Deposit for a Spa Retreat Party!
















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