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A Gift From Rose: Free Healing Energy

LOVE IS FREE: Healing energy for you and your loved ones...

Please feel free to use the energy from this page to support you.

I have been blessed to have wonderful teachers who have walked before me, each one of them sent me loving and healing energy to assist me as I have moved through my journey of awakening. I cannot express in words how helpful it has been and how grateful I am for the support that I have been given and received over the years and the blessings that I have experienced in my life as a result of this. It has taken many years, much growth and much discipline to incorporate the tools I use in my daily life, because of this (I know what it's like because I lived it); I have decided to offer all of the energy and assistance I call forth towards the support of those that I meet on my journey. A sort of pay it forward for the blessings I have received. Just give permission and you will receive what is BEST for YOU.

Please feel free to come to this page when and if ever you feel you require some love and support. There is MUCH here for you!!!


All my LOVE,



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