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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is an angel reading?

An angel reading is an opportunity for you to ask your angels for guidance on any matter that you wish. You are in control of directing the discussion, the topics, and issues that you wish for your angels and I to address. It is important for you to be aware that the angels would never do anything to frighten you, there job is to bring more joy and peace in your life; one step at a time.


What is the difference between an angel reading and a psychic reading?

In an angel reading I speak directly with your angels about where you are and the best course of action for you and I use inspirational oracle cards to confirm the guidance I receive. In psychic readings the angels are still involved but I use many different tools of divination to assist you in getting a more broad interpretation of the guidance I receive for you.

What can I expect to have happen for me in an angel or psychic reading?

I would like you to expect that when you leave a reading with me that on many levels you will feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That you have much more clarity about the best direction for you and the tools to assist you in moving in that direction. My intention is to use all of my gifts to support you in moving in the best direction for you at the time that I perform a reading for you. Please understand that if I am guided to perform healing work with you, I ask that you be open to it; on some level you would require it if I am instructed to offer it to you.

Do you have any suggestions about how I can prepare for a reading or a healing with you to get the most benefit out of it?

I would like to encourage you to view the For Best Results link at the bottom of the page to have that question answered.


An ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® (or ATP®) works with the world of spirit. An ATP® can provide an angel reading, and can help you with healing, guidance, spiritual counselling, or other issues. For more information about what an ATP® does, please visit Angel Therapy Inc.’s website at www.angeltherapy.com; I would also encourage you to go to Doreen's FAQ area if you have any questions about dark angels and if talking to angels in any way interferes with our relationship with our Creator/God/Higher Power/Source etc.

Who could use your services?

Anyone that is interested in angels, psychic information, personal growth, spirituality and energy work can use my services. You may have various issues or challenges in your life, and the angels and any tool or modality I use can help. Angels will always provide love, guidance, and support from their pure, heavenly perspective and my intention is to do the same. I act as a middle-man between you and the angelic realm / passed on loved ones / the ascended masters and your Higher Self and can help you communicate with, understand, and get to know your angels / passed on loved ones / ascended masters and your Higher Self. I help people of all ages, and from all walks of life.

I notice you talk about angels and things like that; I would like to know if use practice a certain type of religion?

I am so glad that you asked that question. I remember the first years on my journey; so I truly understand where you are coming from. I had a real resistance to it, the word “angel” that is. Even though when I look back I had books about them and even some oracle cards there was a real resistance in me about the name “angel” being said OUT LOUD! One of my teachers had invoked the angels and I remember thinking, “Wow this is hokey (silly)”. Little did I know that eventually I would be an advocate for the angels? I realize now that it was my ego (lower self) trying to stop me from doing one of the best things for me. My life was totally transformed when I really developed a more intimate relationship with the angelic realm. As for religion I was raised Roman Catholic (which I don’t really practice anymore), I consider myself to be spiritual, spirituality is all encompassing it sees that all people and all things are connected and a part of each other where most religions even though I honour and respect them, on some level preach separation (my God is better than your God). Please be aware that I may say the word God if you do to get know me, but my perception of God is one of a “Divine Energy Source” that is just LOVE and is there to support us in any way that it can.

I would like to bring to your attention as well that I was resistant to many of the things I share with you now. My ego or (lower self) had a fun time trying to convince me that many of these things were bad or not good for me. This is why I always encourage people to try the tools I share with them and view them like an experiment. Pretend that you are a scientist doing an experiment and if you like the results you get continue to use the tool and if not perhaps there is something out there that is better for you or as I may say “resonates” more with who you are as an individual.

What does a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist® do? What makes this different or better than the Akashic Records readings that I have heard so much about?

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist® spends much time speaking to you and preparing you for when you go into an altered state of consciousness. The safer and secure you feel with the therapist and the more you reveal about yourself and your life the better the results will be (sessions range from 2 to 5 hours). The real benefit of this type of therapy is that the client actually ends up counselling themselves on some level, which just resonates so much with the other work I do and who I have become as a teacher and a healer. To my knowledge the Akashic Record Readings are accessed by the individual that is providing the service which can be beneficial in some cases; but, this way you have a little more control because you are a part of YOUR session. They both access the Akashic Records of the individual but with this work we have access to finding and eliminating the cause of say an illness so when we go and change it we can also work on changing the cause. Sometimes an illness will be cured and will come back if we do not DEAL with the thought or pattern that caused it. This is why some people get an illness back even after they have had surgery and healed; the cause was not dealt with so the illness comes back. I also like the fact that the client (you) move into an altered state (Theta Level) with this modality but you are still conscious enough to be aware that this is happening to you. We are working with very High energy with this modality and it has been known that many people have received monumental experiences with just one session; no need for surgeries (hips and joints), tumours removed and cancer eliminated within the body. The potential with this modality is unlimited; I really like this because it is in the direction of my own beliefs as well, tapping into our limitless potential.

I have tried hypnosis before and it never worked. What makes you think that it will work for me?

I feel this Hypnosis technique is beneficial because it brings you into a state that you go into at least two times a day; the Theta Level, which you enter into just before you fall asleep and in the process of waking up you come out of your sleep and move into this level before fully waking. Because of this, the body is accustomed to this process and will feel very natural in this state. The hardest part about this whole technique is my job and that is keeping you in that state.

What is so important about accessing past lives and how can this help me in this life?

The first thing I say to a person who asks me this is; “Have you ever known anything that you weren’t taught or you don’t remember being taught in this lifetime? Have you ever been really afraid of something and never had a good reason for it?” Well, a lot of this can be attributed to past life experiences when you had these experiences and have carried them over on some deep level. If you have even come to this website I am sure you have heard at least once that we are spirits in a body not bodies with a spirit. You may have even heard that energy cannot be destroyed, that it just converts from one thing and moves into another. Well, that’s what we do when we leave our bodies and go into spirit; we just change form. This same thing happens with our consciousness, it never really dies it just changes form; because of this sometimes if we had our consciousness in one place and we had a “bad” experience and perhaps left our body (died) that way this could also carry over as well. Because we never really had enough time to heal the situation we may bring it over into our next energetic state. There is potential that when we are on the other side (in spirit) we may decide to use this life to heal this issue but we kind of forget when we are here. When we are physical it is so easy to get distracted by normal living conditions that we totally forget what we came here to learn and heal. This is the true benefit of viewing past lives, they can be used and viewed to heal, transform and grow in this life. Some people have found so many patterned things that happen to them in this life actually come from a past life influence. What is so wonderful about this is that when the past life is viewed and perhaps forgiveness work is done as well; this gives you much clarity and assists you in releasing the pattern finally in this life and move onto new experiences to grow from.

So, whatever you do, please don’t expect the lives you visit to be exciting and maybe even expect to see if you were famous or something like that. These things are nice to know and are possible but if they were wonderful experiences that won’t be affecting your life in an adverse manner now. The real benefit of past life viewing is to visit the times where our consciousness existed and didn’t heal the experience properly; this is where the best results can happen.

Here is an example of a past life influence that has been documented on regular television.

What are the benefits from energy healing?

Energy healing is beneficial for many different reasons:

Why are you talking about the Earth changes?

Well, just like the angels, my intention is to bring more peace and joy into your life. I find that many people are concerned about the upcoming 2012 events as a result of much hype and bad publicity. So, any information that can explain things to people that would help them to understand this better is my main focus. I have come to know and realize that we are all a part of each other and this planet. So naturally, if the planet is going through changes we will be affected by them as well. As I said earlier, in my sharing on this site; my goal is to Empower You and I intend to do my best to inform you of anything that I feel would benefit you at this time here on the earth.

If this God or Source that you speak of is LOVE why would you feel the need to provide a service like house blessing or space clearing?

You and I both know that on a planet like this where duality (good and bad) still exist; there are positive and negative energies. In truth they are just energy but some feel better to us than others do. For me I do prefer more positive energy now; when you become more sensitive to energy you have a tendency to prefer some various types of energies over other ones. It’s not good or bad it is just a preference, I decided to offer this service to people who are becoming more sensitive to many different types of energies so that they can feel more peace in their daily living space. It really is all about empowering the person and giving them knowledge and tools to make the life they live as wonderful as possible.

Are You a licensed health care professional?

No, I am not a licensed health care professional. The services offered are not a substitute for proper medical or psychological care.

I notice that most of the services you provide focus more on spirituality / personal growth and things like that. Why have you combined that with aesthetic services?

The truth is my real passion is my spiritual work but I have to admit I really like making people feel good and I feel that when you are pampered on the outside this can assist you on feeling good too. I also feel that the aesthetic services I provide really aren’t that much of a stretch because the client receives the benefit of my healing energy when they are receiving those services as well. A kind of heal to birds with one prayer type of scenario.

Another thing I would like to remind you of is that I do teach people that we are limitless beings. So what better example of that may be myself BEING that; a LIMITLESS BEING. I did design this website didn’t I? Just because my real passion is the spiritual work I do, couldn’t it be possible that I also may be capable of being good at doing other things as well?

If you have any other questions you would like to ask me; please feel free to email me at rose@theperfectrose.ca (Subject: website question)



All my LOVE,




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